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Hello and welcome to Raise the Roof DJs. I am Rick and I go by the name DJ Klasick. I love all genres of music and love to play what I call the “CLASSIC HITS”. The dance songs that will get a party dancing and moving. The story of how we came to be is an interesting story. If you have a few minutes sit back and enjoy the tale.

Growing up I was exposed to all styles of music genres from Classic Rock, Oldies, R&B, Old School, Funk, Hip-hop, Rap, and much more. As I grew older I acquired a more refined taste for music and began to listen to Jazz and Piano ensembles. I was always that kid at the party playing with the radio and trying to control what was coming out of it. Over the years I have acquired a large catalog of music, but I never thought it would be used to make others dance and create “Klasick Memories”.

It all started back in 2005 when I received a phone call that would change everything. An aunt, who we’ll call Rosa, called and said my cousin (her daughter) was having a high school graduation party. My aunt wanted to hire a DJ for the event, but it was a bit out of her budget because my cousin wanted a high-end photography camera she could take with her to college. To be honest, I think my aunt wanted the DJ and my cousin could have cared less. Now remember this is 2005, and the first iPhone won’t be released for another 2 years, in June of 2007. Rosa calls one day and says, “Hey, you have a lot of music, why don’t you come down and play some music for us?”. I agreed to help out and play some music at the party. I had never actually “DJd” for a crowd. Sure it was family and friends but I was still super nervous. I began practicing beat-matching and basic mixing skills in my bedroom late at night. It was fun but not easy. I show up to the party a couple of months later armed with my catalog of music, a microphone, and speakers I just purchased hoping the crowd was Ready to Raise the Roof.

The evening began with slower tempo music to set the mood as guests arrived and as the darkness advanced so did the beat. I switched from genre to genre and I am sure the transitions were not the best, but as I continued playing music the guest began to dance to their favorite songs. Throughout the night some of the guests were complimenting me on the music. Not sure who had more fun that night, me or the guests. And thus, DJ Klasick was born.

Over the years the business has grown to provide services all over Southern California. We have provided services for countless weddings, birthdays, graduations, school events, fundraisers, and more. We aspire to be the best at what we do. We are professionals who take pride in the services we provide. We strive to leave our clients with wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

Thank you,

Rick Rodriguez aka DJ Klasick
President / Founder

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